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Meet Jennifer Fu, President Of AWIB-SC

Many of you have asked how Asian Women in Business - Southern California was started and how it's different from other organizations. We decided to do a quick Q&A with Jennifer, the president of AWIB-SC, to give you a little insight.

Q: Who are you?

My name is Jennifer Fu. I am an attorney. I have two kids and run a law practice in Rosemead, CA.

Q: Why did you start AWIB-SC?

I was in search of a group to join. Juggling a full time law practice, 2 kids and a constantly full calendar, I felt I needed to take a pause and connect with other women who were likely going through the same thing.

I searched on google and found AWIB New York. I reached out to the president of the organization and found that they did not have a California location, so that was when I decided to start AWIB-SC.

Q: What is AWIB-SC and how is it different from other organizations?

I started AWIB-SC with one general motto in mind – support. I wanted this organization to be about supporting one another with life, with work and with family. Although we may find connections through AWIB-SC benefiting our business, the goal is to not only network for business, but network to build a community where we can help one another.

It is an organization where we can discuss life issues, work issues and also just have some fun! Our goal is to organize events that are not your traditional business association type events, but we want to incorporate health, hobbies, family, and entertainment.

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