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Meet Tiffany 📽 - Member and Passionate Filmmaker

We have so many diverse and inspirational members at Asian Women in Business - Southern California, that we wanted to showcase these amazing individuals to you. Here's a Q&A with Asian American female film director, Tiffany Frances, who's been passionately working on her new film HELLO FROM TAIWAN.

Q: Who are you?

Hello! I am a filmmaker - primarily director of music videos, commercial, branded content, corporate video, and narrative work.

I'm a firm believer in giving women, people of color, and the overlooked, a voice through my work!

Q: Why did you join AWIB?

Filmmaking is a collaborative effort, and also a business. The way I run production is the way I'd run a business. And also, I love learning about what other Asian women are doing and I'd love to form relationships with you!

Q: What are you passionate about?

My passions lie in writing female stories in interesting ways, thinking about sustainable solutions in beauty / fashion / life in general, trying to figure out a way to bridge female surfers and film, and taking portraits of people I love. I'm also a huge advocate for women in film to gain equality in the film industry.

Q: Who is your biggest hero?

My mom, and my sister Yolanda, who is a board member of AWIB-SC :)

Q: Tell us more about your new film - HELLO FROM TAIWAN

I am in the AFI Directing Workshop for Women this year, and I will be making my film titled "Hello From Taiwan" this July. It is a poetic drama about a Taiwanese American family living in California in the late 1980s who struggles to reunite across cultural and language barriers. We are currently fundraising to make this film come to life. 💗 Join us to allow Asian American women's voices be heard by sharing and contributing to our Seed & Spark Campaign!


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